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[275] Freeman 2017/11/17(Fri) 03:28
Will Cache View be adapted to work with Firefox 57 ?
[274] Antonio 2017/11/16(Thu) 15:02
Please update CacheViewer for latest version of Mozilla
[273] Joshuabyday 2017/11/08(Wed) 22:20
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[272] べんき ★ 2017/11/05(Sun) 17:16
>> fr さん
僕は Mozilla 大好きなので、また皆さんのお役に立てるときがあると思います。
今は Rust でいろいろやってます。
[271] fr 2017/11/04(Sat) 19:00
[270] べんき ★ 2017/11/03(Fri) 17:36
僕は uBlock Origin を使っています。
[269] fr 2017/11/01(Wed) 17:01
Adblock LTE-Aは?期待してますが。
[268] べんき ★ 2017/10/24(Tue) 21:14
CacheViewer will not support Firefox 57+.
If you want to use CacheViewer in future, try Waterfox.
I love Firefox Quantum. So, CacheViewer will not be updated from now.
Thank you.
[267] べんき ★ 2017/10/24(Tue) 21:06
悲しいかな Firefox 57+ では CacheViewer は使えません!
Waterfox というブラウザでは使えるかもしれませんが試していません。
僕は Firefox Quantum 大好きです。
CacheViewer が更新されることはないでしょう。すんません。
[266] yoki 2017/09/19(Tue) 19:57
[264] Ron 2017/08/14(Mon) 12:54
Hey, i can't tell you how much cache viewer helped me, it's really great. But the file names it picks is from the address bar/URL, and not the page content. Like if there is an audio in a website, once you play it, it's in the list of the cached files but with a weird name. 'Video download helper' has an option where you can choose what the file name can be in the settings....If you can incorporate this function to your cache viewer, where the cached file picks a file name based on the title of the audio, then i will definitely donate some money on your website!
[263] cpliu 2017/03/14(Tue) 06:25
I'm trying to use cache viewer to learn web development. I would like to save the pages, js, css, etc files to local folder with the original folder structure. It appears cache viewer saves all files to the same folder. Is there a way to save with the original structure?
Thanks for the nice work!
[261] Cesar 2017/02/20(Mon) 18:56
CacheViewer is a great tool, I really like it, thanks!
Just one thing, in the last accessed collumn is the time today for every item. In the browser history this is shown correctly.
[260] Bob 2017/02/08(Wed) 09:53
This doesn't show anything. My browser is NOT installed on my C drive. How can I show CacheViewer where my browser is?
[259] Clintonoxils 2017/01/29(Sun) 20:31
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