If someone infringes others' copyrights, will he receive any punishment for the act?

Yes. He or she who infringes others' copyrights, etc. may receive a certain penal punishemenr for his/her criminal offense.
In general, criminal sanctions are intended to punish those who willfully commit acts of piracy of copyrights and related rights. The purpose of such punishment is served by the imposition of substantial fines and/or by sentences of imprisonment.
Under the Copyright Act of Japan, any person that intentionally infringes any of the copyrights or neighboring rights is, in principle, subject to imprisonment for a term of up to ten(10) years, a fine of up to ten(10) million yen, or both. On the other hand, any person that intentionally infringes any of the moral rights of an author or a performer is, in principle, subject to imprisonment for a term of up to five(5) years, a fine of up to five(5) million yen, or both.
It should be noticed that any criminal prosecution may not be instituted for the offenses against copyrights, neighboring rights, or moral rights of an author or a performer, unless an accusation against them is filed by the injured party.

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